Amazing Amenities You Can Get For Free At The Airports


Not many people like airport because of the crowd, long waiting line, etc. However, the airports today are so different. They are built not only to provide transportation service but also entertainment, education, etc. Hence, airports today give more exciting experience to passengers and travelers alike. You can see in some countries around the world how airports have magnificent architecture with high tech features. However, are there things you can get for free at the airport regardless if it is high-end airport or not?

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Free amenities to enjoy at the airport

Airports have variety of amenities you can enjoy from cafe, gold courses, to full-service spas. However, the price can be very expensive. But don’t worry, there are still many amenities at the airports you can get for free, such as:

A free tour

As mentioned that airports around the world today are so different on another level. So instead of sitting at the gate, why not enjoying a free tour to see something new. Some airports offer complimentary tours for the travelers who are passing through such as Changi Airport in Singapore and Incheon International Airport in South Korea. During the tour, you can take cool pictures of yourself and your surroundings 

Water bottle refill

Do you know that water fountain is one of the germiest places at the airport? If you know then stop refilling your bottle from water fountain. Instead, try a reusable water bottles via automatic hands-free sensor some airports offer this kind of service by placing hydrating station for travelers. And it is there for free. You don’t have to pay to get your bottle refilled with water that is safe to drink. 

Free access to library

If you get to the airport early and don’t know what to do to spend your time, might as well visiting the library provided by several airports. You don’t have to go to the bookstore in order to read your favorite books. Several airports have installed libraries where you can borrow a book or dop off one you have just finished. Hence, you can even borrow the books to be read on your flight. You can return the books you borrowed on you return or some other time. Tallinn airport offers you thins kind of service that is based only on trust. 

Luggage tags

These are things that many travelers forget since they are not considered essentials for the trip. However, a luggage tag is very useful especially if you forget to tag your own tag at home. And several airports provide luggage tags for free for you to use. Hence, you can put the tags on your suitcase and carry-on bag as well. 


For those disabled travelers, there are assistance at the airport around the world who are ready to assist. They are also always ready to help young travelers or first time travelers to get through the airport swiftly. Or, travelers who have language barrier, can ask for assistance at the airport without having to worry about payment.