Airport Security Information For First Time Flyers


It is normal to feel anxious or nervous for your first time experience flying. Even if you already know the basic information, sometimes you still worry that you won’t be able to get through the airport successfully. However, you should not really have to worry about that because even if you don’t know a thing about how to check in or get through security check, there are assistance who can help. They are stationed at the airports to help travelers who need help. 

Airport Security Information For First Time Flyers

Airport security information you need to know

For your information, every airport may apply different rules so whether you have domestic or international flight, make sure to read and understand all the rules and guides provided by the airport. As for the general airport security in the US is instituted strictly by the TSA or Transportation Security Administration. And here are the most common questions travelers ask about airport security:

Liquid and gels in checked baggage

You may have heard about how taking liquid or gel bottle is not permitted by the airport security. However, it is usually not permitted if you put them in your carry-on baggage. You can put it in your carry-on but in more limited amount. The container you use should be no more than 100 ml. It should be placed inside one clear, quart-size plastic, zip-top bag. And keep in mind that only one bag is permitted per passenger. If the liquid you bring is more than what it is permitted, you should not put it in your carry-on but checked baggage. 

Baby formula, milk, or medications

 The regulation about liquid and gels are not applied to baby formula, milk, or medications. You may carry more than 100 ml of them as long as you have them declared at the security checkpoint. You also don’t need to put them inside a plastic bag. However, it is highly recommended to label your medications to make screening process easier. 

Shoes to wear at the airport security check

Many people wait in such a long line at the security check because they are taking too long to take off their shoes. Hence, it is recommended to wear slip on if you want the process to finish faster. A pair of slip on can be easily removed at the checkpoint, so you don’t waste your time and other’s. 

Sharp objects

Many travelers still confuse about this regulation about bringing sharp object on flight. You are not allowed to bring any type of objects that can a potential to harm people. However, you are allowed to bring tweezers, razors, or small scissors in your carry-on bag as long as the blades are packed in your checked baggage. Scissors in less than 4 inches blades are allowed to be packed in your carry-on. 

To make all the process of security check go smoothly, it is recommended that you get to the airport two hours early for domestic flight and three hours early for international flight. You may have to come earlier during peak-season or peak-hours.