Spot Diving and Snorkeling Indonesia, Exploring Togean Island


Almost all visitors to Togean Island express a strong desire to return. Togean Island turns out to have a lot of interesting and gorgeous tourist attractions. Taking pictures of the sunset is one of the most popular tourist activities (sunset). Togean Island is a famous snorkeling Indonesia and should be on your travel itinerary. This tropical island boasts about 300 diving places with abundant coral reefs that range from flat to form a valley.

Spot Diving and Snorkeling Indonesia, Exploring Togean Island
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Indonesian snorkeling with stingless jellyfish

The stingless jellyfish is one of the Togean Islands’ most distinctive features. Lake Mariona is where you’ll find this jellyfish. The lake is close to the shore, and the water has a saline taste due to a mix of fresh water and sea water seepage. 

In the morning and evening, usually, jellyfish, which are partially transparent and some are yellow, appear on the surface. However, during the day when the sun is hot, the friendly animal hides in the depths. That is why it is advisable to come in the morning or evening.

Togean is also a haven for adventurers who want to explore the islands. inhabited islands such as Papan Island and Janda Island can be visited by individuals who want to interact with and capture the life of local residents (the Bajo Tribe).

Snorkeling in Taipi island

Do you want to snorkel or dive in a calm ocean, almost as if it were your own private ocean? You can do it in Taipei Island’s waterways. The distance between this island and Kadidiri Island is only about 4 kilometers. During the day, the greatest time to dive in the ocean that surrounds Taipi is during the day. Apart from the fact that coral reefs and different marine biota are visible, there are few visitors diving at this time.

Given that the coral reefs and marine life here are still in their native state, it would be a shame if you missed it. The ocean depth on this island fluctuates, ranging from 5 to 30 meters, which is excellent for both beginners and experts. On this island, you may also find fascinating things in the form of coral colonies that have been stacked vertically to make steep walls. This rock wall, which stretches from south to north, is known as the Taipi wall.

The Togean Islands are more than just a tourist destination. However, it can also provide the ideal snorkeling Indonesia experience for you to use in order to relax your thoughts. The environment is gorgeous and natural, and each of the little islands has a variety of excellent diving opportunities. Of course, this is a deal that should not be passed up.