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Mistakes You Can Make In A Hotel

Making a mistake during travel is not so uncommon. Sometimes, it can be harmless but sometimes it can put your safety in jeopardy. Being a savvy traveler can help a lot in keeping you safe and comfortable during your trip. Some mistakes can even be prevented if you are aware of them and know how to avoid them. However, some of them can be inevitable and what you can do is to be prepared for the unexpected and flexible to pivot. 

Various mistakes most travelers often do in hotel

Staying at hotel is probably one of the most common solution for the majority of travelers. It is easy to access hotel and there are many types of room you can choose. But there are also decision you can make while in hotel during your stay that can lead to mistakes. Here are some of them:

When you decide to ask special room after settle in, it can cause more hassle. If you need something, be it special room, facilities, or something else to add your comfort for your stay, ask it when you arrive at the hotel’s front desk. Even better, you can ask it during your reservation call. Therefore, you can just check in when you arrive and take proper rest before exploring the place.

It is such a simple mistake to let the least pleasant travel companion to go to the front desk. If you have travel buddies, ask the most pleasant one to go to the front desk instead. Do not let your travel body who is carrying a screaming child to go there. Also, do not ask your grumpy travel buddy to go either. The process of check-in is easy and doesn’t take long but with the wrong person, it can become a tiring process. 

Be a responsible during your stay by following the rules applied to all guests. Keep in mind that even though you have paid for your stay, you need to respect the other people. Besides, only troubles will come if you are going rogue and don’t follow the rules. Why not being smart and responsible guest while enjoying your stay to the fullest.

Take something outside of necessities provided by the hotels. There are things you can take from the hotel room such as travel-sized shampoo. However, do not take the robes, the slipper, or other things. Some hotels even put trackers on the items so if the guests try to steal, they will be caught. So don’t take anything that is not for you no matter what the reason.

Treating the staff rudely and disrespectfully. Keep in mind that hotel staffs are not your slaves. They are there to make your stay more comfortable and safe. They are to cater to your needs. However, they are also just human. Sometimes they make minor mistakes. You don’t have to scream at them or treat them poorly just because you are a guest who pay. So be nice to everyone you encounter with in the hotel. 

Beachfront Villa Bali to Satisfy Your Ocean Craving

Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations due to its breathtaking beaches, rich culture, and glorious tropical weather. A holiday in Bali cannot be pictured without the perfect image of a lovely beach. Besides the beaches, many of the accommodations in Bali have been built in the best spots to offer stunning views. If you decide to visit Bali, one of the best places you can choose is a villa Bali right on the beachfront. Spending downtime at a beachfront villa Bali offers the luxuries of privacy to relax in tranquility. The fresh and cool sea breeze helps one enjoy a super night’s sleep lulled by the sound of gentle waves crashing on the shore.

Beachfront Villa Bali to Satisfy Your Ocean Craving

What facilities can you get from staying in a beachfront villa Bali?

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious holiday in the lovely villa where you can overlook the stunning beach. Beachfront villa Bali offers you easy access to the magical beach with blue-sky views. The beach view is a unique selling point for a villa to attract travelers who want to take a break and enjoy their lazy but luxurious days watching the sunset on the beautiful coastline.

In Bali, you’ll find many beachfront villas that offer an exceptionally luxurious stay. As well as an amazing infinity pool and outstanding views. Most of the villas feature living spaces that are ultra-modern and comfortable with cozy seating areas. Many villas also have a dining area all with views out to the sea. No matter where your villa around the Bali area is. The beachfront villa provides a spacious bedroom that features a private en-suite bathroom. Many villas also feature fully-equipped kitchen and private swimming pools. A magical beach view villa offers you a lavish stay that you’ll never forget. The luxurious amenities allow you to spoil yourself while the natural beauty of the surrounding area reminds you that you’re still in nature.

The benefit of staying at a beachfront villa

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and walking over to the balcony to witness the sunrise. Staying next to the beach, even on a temporary basis. It is beneficial for our mind, health, and well-being. The fresh sea breeze will make you want to stay outside for the rest of the day. Being close to the beach is the best place to while away one’s holiday and restore much-needed energy. Having your own beachfront villa Bali will give you the ultimate comfort and privacy. You won’t get bored of seeing the breathtaking blue sky and the magnificent beach. Regardless of how long you will be staying. If you’re the kind of person who loves nature, start the day off right in a beach view villa!  

Have Your Pet Taken Care of When You Go Travelling

Have Your Pet Taken Care of When You Go Travelling

Having a pet is huge responsibility so that’s why everyone should consider everything before deciding to adopt animals. One of the problems from having a pet at home is when you have to go travel. It might not be a problem if you are planning to take them with you. However, it is different if you have to leave them behind. You need to make sure that they will be taken care of so you can also travel with lighter heart.

Taking care of your pet while you go travelling

It is important to keep taking care of your pets even when you travel. You can do it in many forms, such as:

You can call your family or close friends and see if anyone can stay at your home and take care of your pet temporarily. Or, you can ask if anyone of them can take your pets to their home while you are away. So they don’t have to visit your house regularly since the pets are with them. You can also call professional pet sitters if no one in your family or friends circle can’t do it.

If your pets don’t require high maintenance when left alone overnight, you can also call in-house visit from professional pet sitters. They will make a visit to your house every day in particular time to check on your pets, feed them, and take them for a walk. However, this can be risky because you let strangers in your house while you are away. So make sure you call professional, trusted, reliable, reputation pet sitters.

Pet swap is a good idea you can have with your neighbor. If you have neighbors who own pets as well, you can propose this idea. While either of you go travelling, you can take care of each other’s pets. Also, you already know your neighbors so they are not strangers to you. If you can trust them and vice versa, implementing this idea sounds more promising.

Pet hotel can be your alternative as well even though it is more expensive and a bit risky. You might worry about your pets catching disease like kennel cough or cat flu. Hence, it is important to find reputable hotels that pay attention to their hotel management and pet control. If you have the budget and good pet hotel recommendation, you can roll in with this alternative.

If your pets have particular health condition or problems, it is recommended to board them at the vet. It is safest option to ensure they will have medication they need with supervision. The environment is also more sufficient for pets with special needs.

Whatever decision you make, make sure that it is the best for both of you and your pets. Always find a safe and loving situation for your pet especially when you are not there to take care of them for awhile. Check on your pet regularly when you are travelling to know if they are safe and sound.

5 Spots That Will Make Your Raja Ampat Tour A Blast!

Raja Ampat Tour

If you dream about creating some fabulous content for your social media account, Raja Ampat island can make your dream come true! You could capture some memorable moments to create Instagrammable photos by posing in the beautiful sea with crystal clear water. Whether you’re traveling as a family, planning a honeymoon trip, or a trip of a lifetime with best friends, a Raja Ampat tour won’t disappoint! Enjoy relaxing on the island’s white sandy beaches, peppered with rich marine biodiversity and spectacular dive sites, or seek out Raja Ampat’s famed nightlife, of course after tucking into some delicious local foods.


Piaynemo is one of the most photographed and epic spots in Raja Ampat. Here, you can see the coral islands with various colors and sizes in a wide area. Climbing becomes the favorite thing to do, after all. You can climb from the dock up a set of wooden stairs, so you will be mesmerized by the stunning landscape below you. The small island jut out of the sparkling turquoise waters making for a vista like no other against the endless blue sky. Here, you can spend a little time admiring the beautiful view and taking perfect pictures before heading back down to get in the sparkling turquoise waters.

Raja Ampat Tour to Arborek Village

Arborek village is one of the most famous villages in Raja Ampat to visit. Here, you can meet the locals with its unique culture and traditional foods. Unlike most women in Raja Ampat who also help their husbands as fishermen, nearly all women here now produce handicrafts for a living. In Arborek, you can also find the local people that perform traditional dances. Walking around the small village, you can see amazing traditional houses. Therefore, it is a great place if you’re visiting with children too, as there are calm, sandy beaches and plenty of local kids playing in the water that are wonderful to photograph. Take a Raja Ampat Tour, swim with tropical sea life, and explore the local villages!

Telaga Bintang

Telaga Bintang is surrounded by towering rocks and is shaped like a star. To see the magical view, you need to climb an approximately 30-meter-high coral hill that’s lined with neither stair but only sharp rocks. It takes 5 minutes to admire the lagoons’ true wonders wrapped in Tosca colored waters and magnificent coral hills that circle around them.  If you want to visit, make sure to bring your shoes, trousers, sunglasses, and hats.

Raja Ampat Tour to Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul is one of the most favorite highlights to take instagrammable photos in Raja Ampat. You can call this spot an island or a beach, but these are literally sand patches in the middle of the sea that emerge out of the ocean when the tide is low.

See the wayag archipelago

Wayag Island comes with raw natural beauty. In Wayag, you can spot the pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the blue sea. Along these stunning beaches, you can see a fairy tale panorama!

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Making The Most Of Authentic Experiences by Visiting Developing Countries

Paying a visit to developing countries can result in the most memorable experience not only from the nature but also from the human interaction. There are many things you can find and learn through your visit to developing countries you may not find anywhere else. However, not all travelers are ready to face various challenges that comes with visiting developing countries. It is fair to be more cautious when you are planning to visit developing countries. However, you can always take some precautions to do it safely. 

How to travel to developing countries safely without losing the fun

Visiting well-established tourism infrastructure is not something uncommon. You can sometime do it spontaneously as well. However, it different from visiting developing countries especially those places that have higher safety risks. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of visiting developing countries such as below:

Always do your research. It is like the basic thing to do when you are planning a travel regardless how safe the place is. It is even more important to do when you are going to visit developing countries because you need to find information regarding to the safety risks, economic or political situation, etc. By researching first, you have basic knowledge of what to and not to do. 

While doing your research, pay attention to the local culture, tradition, and customs. Different rules applied in different places. In some countries, you have to dress modestly while in other places you can wear anything you like. Some behaviors may also considered offensive in different countries due to cultural differences. In developing countries, those aspects are usually tighter.

Transportation can be a major issue for you when visiting developing countries. It is possible that some areas in developing countries down’s have easy access to taxi or even bus. There are more traditional or conventional transports that still operating in some developing countries such as Delman, Becak, and Angkot in Indonesia. Hence, you have to find out about the transports in advance to see which one is the safest mode.

Be mindful when giving out your money. In many developing countries, there are many people who ask for money to travelers or tourists. The best thing to do is to not give them any even if it must be hard for you because they look more in need than you. However, it is better to help those in need through local community or organization such as local non-profit. 

Avoid handing out items to children. It is just similar to giving them your money. It will condition them to do it again in the future. There have been cases where children growing up more aggressive with asking for money or items to strangers. If you really want to contribute, it is best to give  your contribution to the local community such as school. You can hand out school supplies, medical supplies, or clothing. Parents, teachers and community leaders are the best persons to give your contribution to. 

3 Things to Consider When Browsing Bali Real Estate for Sale Online

Once you have been to Bali and enjoyed your perfect summer trip on this island. You probably want to go back to Bali as soon as possible. Bali is a dream holiday destination for everyone. Not only in the eyes of foreign people but for all the Indonesian people themselves. From the real estate business sector, Bali is always promising. Bali real estate has led to an increased interest from investors all around the world looking for new business opportunities in this paradise island. If you’re thinking of finding real estate in Bali, there’s a whole bunch of information to be gleaned online. Here are top things to consider when browsing Bali real estate for sale online!

bali real estate for sale - beautiful charming villa

Important things to look for when browsing Bali real estate for sale Online

Browsing real estate online has become popular, many people are looking to the internet more each day as an easy place to get great information. For some, searching for Bali real estate for sale online has its advantages. It’s easily accessible and the options of real estate are virtually endless.

Pick the best real estate agent. Plenty of websites can refer to the best agencies in Bali but that’s no assurance quality of the agent. A great way to find the best agent is to research the top real estate companies in your area.  Several real estate agencies in Bali, such as Kibarer. Kibarer has been helping many people to own real estate in Bali for years. They also will help you take care of all documents and property ownership processes.

Analyze the photos or videos. We know one thing pretty sure – if there are no perfect photos, you will not be interested! Make sure you take a look at all of the real estate’s photos on the website. While a good photo can give you a general feel of real estate, this is not enough as the photo can be extensively retouched to create a misleading picture of the property. No need to worry, some websites offer virtual reality videos. Those are especially important for someone who is considering looking at Bali real estate for sale remotely.

Check the location. When choosing your own real estate in Bali, location can be an important thing to consider because you certainly don’t want to spend a lot of funds to purchase in the middle of nowhere. We are sure you probably make good use of the map feature on the website, but just in case you skip it – always have a look at the location on google map. It is a good idea if you take a glimpse of what the neighborhood looks like around the property without actually going to the property.

Is it easy to find real estate online? Possibly so, but not a lot of buyers can find the perfect property in a short period. If this is your first time, use these tips to help you find the one!

Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Air travel is one of the most efficient alternative since it brings safety and comfort you need for travel. However, there are many factors during the flight that can cause you or other travelers experience discomforts. One of the most common factors is food. Whether you are packing your own foods or buying a gate-side meal to-go, it is best to know which foods that you can eat or avoid for more comfortable flight.

Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Foods to avoid for comfortable flight

Even during a short flight, sometimes you feel hungry and it is fine to eat something whether it is light foods or full-course meal. However, some foods might cause you problems during the flight. Here are few of foods you better avoid during a flight:

Instant soups such as cup noodles. During a flight, it is not uncommon to see passengers bring their own cup noodles and ask the flight attendant for some boiling water. However, it is best to not having a hot liquid near your lap when you are thousands feet above the ground. The turbulence can happen unexpectedly and you don’t want the hot liquid to spill into your body. Also, instant soup like that has high sodium level which can worsen your jet lag.

Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Smelly foods such as tuna fish or hard-boiled eggs are better to avoid during a flight. They may taste heavenly but the strong smell can disturb the other passengers. The cabin itself is closed area so when smell foods are served, the smell might stay for a long time and it can cause discomfort for many people even if you feel just fine yourself.

Messy foods are better to avoid when you are flying. Messy foods such as those that leave crumbs or any leftovers can cause problems later on. Even though the airline may provide cleaning service, deep cleaning is not very often especially when the flights schedule is tight. You might leave crumbs later that will cause the next passengers feel uncomfortable.

It is also advised to avoid eating noisy foods such as chips especially if you tend to chew loudly. Your seatmate might not appreciate it. If you have options for the foods you can enjoy, save the crunchy ones later for when you have landed.

Greasy foods are also best to avoid not only during but also before the flight. They might be the fastest and cheapest option but they tend to be messy and smelly which are double-kills to make the other passengers feel uncomfortable. Also, those foods can contribute to jet bloat that can bring discomfort to your body as well.

It is also advised to avoid eating foods you can’t even finish. A long-haul flight might give you more  time to finish any foods you have. However, it can cause problem if you have short flight and cannot finish your foods. Some foods are usually not allowed in some countries so if you’re unsure if you can finish or throw the leftover before land, choose light food in small portion instead.

Why Raja Ampat Cruise is Ideal for a New Normal Holiday

Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat is one of the most magnificent Island nations in the Southeast of Asia, Indonesia. This beautiful island is part of the Coral Triangle that includes Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Malaysia, Solomon Island, and The Philippines. This stunning island was spanning over forty thousand square kilometers and made up of about one thousand five hundred small islands. The pristine beauty of the island cannot be denied. The surrounding landscape is made up of rainforests that provide a perfect contrast with the clear crystal beaches. When you’re just so done with the quarantine and welcoming new normal, you want nothing but going someplace remote and getting soothed by the beauty of nature. You do not want to get in a close distance with other travelers as well during the trip. This is why renting a Raja Ampat cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the allure of wilderness.

Easier social distancing on Raja Ampat Cruise

Holiday time usually is a joyful time. Many families look forward to gathering with their family, celebrating, and exchanging gifts.  But pandemic and physical distancing have brought a new kind of stress this holiday. Maintaining a social distancing from others is the most critical factor for preventing the spread of COVID-19 – and it can be more comfortable on a cruise. When you rent a Raja Ampat Cruise, you don’t need to share your transportation and accommodation and with anybody else. It means less chance of accidental transmission during the holiday. The whole cruise just for yourself—and probably with some family or friends. When combined with well-known methods of prevention like using hand sanitizer everyday and washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, this adds up to a much safer Raja Ampat trip.

It is best to escape from the pandemic-frenzy of the world

The gentle rocking of the ocean in the air alone will have a mesmerizing effect on you, but there are also many quiet places to retreat to on the cruise. The endless expanse of the blue ocean and starry sky is enchanting. There is nothing like being on a cruise in the middle of the sea, and feeling like life’s routines and job stress is far behind. Cruise life is pretty good, and it doesn’t take long before you give in, and you can’t help but relax.

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Raja Ampat Cruise

The ultimate hassle and stress-free vacation on Raja Ampat Cruise

The world today is buzzing with pandemic fears, and that’s everything we keep hearing wherever we go. The COVID-19 is affecting the mental health of many and triggers anxiety. A cruise holiday is all you need after the extended quarantine. It is a fantastic holiday that is completely hassles and stress-free. You no need to research foods, look for fun things to do, and nobody will ever get bored!

Travel Mishaps You Can Avoid by Having Travel Insurance

Travel Mishaps You Can Avoid by Having Travel Insurance

Lots of people are still considering whether or not it is important to buy travel insurance. For those who travel frequently, having travel insurance can help you a lot in preventing from unexpected things that may happen during your trip. Keep in mind that travel can be unpredictable. It is best to already have travel insurance instead of waiting until something bad happens. Travel mishaps are many and you can experience them or avoid them.

Travel woes you can prevent

Travelling is not always sunshine and rainbow. Even if you plan it thoroughly from A to Z, something unexpected things happen. Travel mishaps often happen unexpectedly. It is good to be insured no matter where you are going or no matter how high the risk of it is. Those can spoil the fun of the trip/ here are some of travel mishaps that can be avoided especially by having travel insurance:

Damage or loss luggage – Losing Luggage during or after check-in is one of the most common travel mishaps. Also, lots of travelers have experienced having their bags damaged after check-in. If you don’t have travel insurance, you may have to deal with it all alone. Meanwhile, you will get compensated if you already have travel insurance whenever this thing happens during your trip.

Stolen money or document – This is also quite common mishap especially when you visit heavily-crowded destination with high-risk crime. Crowded tourist attraction is often the target for thief to get into action by stealing. If your bag is stolen, not only your money that will be lost but also other important documents such as visa, passport, and so on. If you have travel insurance, you can have coverage to ensure that you are eligible to receive compensation from experiencing this thing during the trip.

Unexpected hospitalization and medical treatment – Being in a place you are not very unfamiliar with can put you in danger. Getting injured or sick during a trip can cost a lot. If you need medical treatment or hospitalization during your trip, you will be covered by your travel insurance. Hence, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Delayed or canceled flight – It is very common to get your flight delayed or canceled. Sometimes, you have to wait for hours until the flight can take off. However, sometimes it is being totally canceled due to many reasons. In travel insurance, usually you will get compensated for every six hours delayed flight. If you are left with no alternative flights, you will get even more coverage.

Cancellation – flight is not the only thing that is often being canceled. Sometimes, your bookings to hotels are forced to be canceled when circumstances happen. However, you have the chance to not completely loss if you have travel insurance. You may get coverage if you suddenly have to cancel the trip due to natural disaster, illness, or injury. It usually depends on your insurance plan. By having travel insurance, at least you won’t be caught off-guard when unexpected things happen. 

Explore the World: Exotic Destinations in The Top Komodo Tours

Top Komodo Tours

What is your idea of a perfect holiday break? Maybe it’s spending quality time with family or friends exploring new places. Perhaps it’s trying amazing things or soaking up the sunshine on a pristine sandy beach?  Yes, welcome to Komodo Island, where you can honestly say that you can have it all in Komodo. When you think about Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara, you probably think of the Komodo Dragons which are actually a kind of the largest lizard. But, this island is also much more than that: dynamic diving sites, lush rainforests, impressive mountain ranges, pristine beaches, thundering waterfalls. And that’s not all, there’s the cultural scene, amazing cuisine, the habitat of various other land and sea creatures. There are just so many fun things to do here, and this is how you can have the top, best Komodo tours on the trip.

Having an awesome Top Komodo Tours!

There are numerous top Komodo Tours who are selling for groups or solo trips. Having an amazing trip is just impossible without the help of the local tour organizer. Local tours will help you to manage the great itineraries, operate the boat and fun activities. Therefore, joining a Komodo tour arranged by agencies is what you need to enjoy this island to the fullest.

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Exotic Destinations in Komodo

Komodo is a beautiful and exciting island. It’s home to a wonderful mix of mountains, beaches, and wildlife. Here are the top exotic destinations in The Top Komodo Tours.

1.           Gili Laba – Gili Laba is a small iconic, beautiful and remote island. This island is well known for trekking, the small hills allow travelers to enjoy breathtaking views of the national park.

2.           Kelor Island – A trip to the Komodo Island is not perfect without marveling at its beautiful marine life. Kelor island is a home to 206 types of corals and thousands of amazing fishes.

3.           Pink Beach – If there is one place you absolutely have to see in Komodo, it’s Pink Beach. Pink beach is one of the magical beaches on Komodo Island. This gorgeous beach is called Pink beach because the beach has amazing pink sand. The pink sand is a mixture of colors from white sand with coral fragments of very small marine creatures which have a red shell.

4.           Loh Buaya – This area is the main habitat of Komodo Dragon, The giant lizards in Rinca Island. Other fun things to do in Loh Buaya include chilling on the beach and trekking.

5.           Komodo Tourism Village – Here, you will be able to witness a day in the life of the local. Komodo Tourism Village also allows you to purchase some unique and local souvenirs like Komodo dragon wooden sculptures.